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CTX Series TV Transmitters

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   High efficiency :
  • Broadband Power Amplifiers.
  • First to utilize GaN Transistor for a modern Amplifier.
  • Efficiency (ATSC): Typically upto 50%.
   Flexible System Configuration :
  • Multi-Standard Digital Broadcasting.
  • UHF Broadband.
  • Three phase AC Power.
  • Scalable to Higher Power Levels
  • Optional Integrated GPS Receiver
  • Normal Operation with VSWR upto 1.3
  • Air Cooled or Liquid Cooled
   Easy Maintainance :
  • Hot-Swap Broadband Power Amplifier Modules with Independent Power Supplies.
  • Hot-Swap Parallel Power Supplies for each PA allows for soft failure.
  • Field Exchangeable GaN Amplifier Pallets.
  • Broadband Architecture Requires no Tuning.
  • Broadband Architecture Allows for Commonality of Spares for all CTX Series transmitters in a Network.
   Ease of Operation :
  • Easy Operation using External PC or Optional touchscreen.
  • Remote Control and Monitoring via SNMP.





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CTX Series UHF Transmitters