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View these videos to get a quick look at how Continental Electronics has been a leader throughout the history of the RF industry and has innovated solutions for broadcast, shortwave, scientific, government and military challenges.
  Case Histories
You'll be surprsed to learn about the ways we've used RF technology to innovate some very impressive accomplishments:

FM Broadcast Case Histories
Shortwave Case Histories
LF Case Histories/VLF Case Histories
Science/Industry Case Histories
  Our Company History
Long before founding Continental Electronics in 1946, our Founder J.O. Weldon was a leader in the RF industry. Over the ensuing 7-decades, Continental has continued to show the way. Learn how our work has literally defined the science and applications of RF technology.
We're still making history,
today! Learn how Continental
is customizing RF technology to
meet today's needs, and see what
amazing things we're creating for our current clients.




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  Continental Videos

  The Continental Electronics Story
Watch this video to for a historical perspective of how Continental Electronics has been at the forefront of the RF industry since its earliest days.
  RF Solutions for Scientific and Industry
Learn about the incredible RF solutions Continental has developed to meet some of the world's most imaginative objectives.

  LF & VLF Systems
Learn about Continental's contribution to global security and keeping the world on-time!


This video demonstrates how we have become a world learder in development of shortwave technology.



FM Broadcast Transmitters
Continental has created the most powerful and efficient analog and HD radio transmitters for the broadcast industry by not following the crowd. Watch this video to learn more.

  FM Service Videos
Common FM transmitter field service issues are addressed and proper troubleshooting techniques described.


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