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  LF Case Histories
Continental Electronics has created LF and VLF solutions for some of the world's most important governmental and military projects. Our work has made it possible to literally communicate over the horizon, under the seas and into space in ways that once were only the dreams of science fiction. Learn more about how we've led the way in innovative uses of RF in the Low and Very Low Frequency ranges.
  Case Histories
You'll be surprsed to learn about the ways we've used RF technology to innovate some very impressive accomplishments:

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  Continental History
Long before founding Continental Electronics in 1946, our Founder J.O. Weldon was a leader in the RF industry. Over the ensuing 7-decades, Continental has continued to show the way. Learn how our work has literally defined the science and applications of RF technology.
We're still making history, today!
Learn how Continental is customizing
RF technology to meet today's needs,
and see what amazing things we're
creating for our current clients.



LF Case Histories

Continental's unparalleled history of LF achievements stretch back across 50 years. Below are Continentals more recent achievements, all of which employed solid state technologies


Japan NiCT

Timing Station, 50 kW Solid State LF Timing Service at JJY2 Installed Redundant Transmission System - Hagane-Yama, Japan Completed 2015.


Japan NiCT

Timing Station, 50 kW Solid State LF Timing Service at JJY1 Installed Redundant Transmission System - Ohtakadoya-Yama, Japan Completed 2015.


Italian MoD/ NAVY

Provision of LF Antennas and 50 kW Solid State Transmitter Completed 1995 and 2004 due to antiquities delays.


U.S. Navy

250 kW LF AMS, LF MSK Service at NRTF – Niscemi, Italy





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