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Continental Electronics is one of the world's leading manufacturers of FM Analog and digital broadcast systems. Our products are deployed around the world for high-power FM transmission. Our products are the best in the world, and our clients are our highest priority.
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Learn how Continental has been an innovative force in the development of AM & FM broadcast systems ranging from early high-power AM transmitters to the latest in analog FM and HD radio.
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Our salesmen are all knowledgeable and experienced engineers and technicians that are prepared to help you make the best informed buying decisions possible.
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FM Broadcast and RF Products

High power line of FM transmission systems, ranging from 250W to 70 kW including exciters, both analog and digital, and tube transmitters.

Ranging from 11 kW through 70 kW, the world renowned 816R FM transmitters are unsurpassed in performance and design. The 11 kW through 30 kW are self-contained in a single cabinet. As standard features, the power supply, the harmonic filter and the directional coupler are internal. The 35 kW is self-contained, except for the power supply.

The transmitter is ready to go when delivered to your site, which eliminates those "surprise" installation expenses.

Continental released two new products at the 2008 NAB Show, the 802EX FM/HD digital exciter, and the 800EXP Embedded Exporter. Both exciting new products offer greater functionality and reliability at lower prices, making HD Radio more economical for all broadcasters.

In addition, Continental provides a full line of HD products from program input to the antenna output including automation systems, STL, HD exciter, HD transmitters and complete off-air monitoring. We offer "HD the way it should be". This promise is based on the the 816HD RF platform, a unique solution for implementing analog and digital simulcasting with no need for a second IBOC transmitter, separate HD antenna, or lossy combiner. the 816HD series transmitters offer TPO's from 8kW to 30kW in both air and liquid cooled systems. 816HD series transmitters utilize a simple RF path and does not require tower or HVAC modifications, providing stations broadcasting analog signals with an easy transition to HD radio broadcasting.

For customers uncertain about when they will upgrade to HD, Continental offers an HD Ready version of the 816HD transmitter and virtual plug-and-play upgradability when the decision is made to go HD. Call your Continental representative to learn more.


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