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800EXP  Embedded Exporter  
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Continental Electronics' new 800EXP Embedded Exporter represents the next generation of HD Radio Exporter technology. Based on Embedded DSP Technology, the Continental 800EXP offers standard exporter technology and integrated Continental proprietary technology to provide a more accurate and reliable HD Radio broadcast experience. 

Enclosed in a small package is all of the technology required to develop and manage complex HD signals. Control and monitoring is accessed through a standard web browser and, since there is no hard drive or OS, system start-up is incredibly fast and stable. The 800EXP is a small, 1RU, package but delivers all previously standard exporter features including up to 16.4 seconds of analog audio delay. Continental’s 800EXP is also compatible with IP based STL systems, both unidirectional or bidirectional, is field upgradable through its web browser interface, and offers uncompromised reliability, without the need for external GPS clock synchronization, when paired with a Continental 802EX FM Digital Exciter using a dedicated Exporter to Exgine network processor. Finally, Continental is also offering an additional discount of 15% to registered NAB Members.


  • Next generation HD Radio Exporter

  • Embedded DSP technology is the core of all HD Radio signal computations

  • Fast system startup (no hard drive)

  • Control and monitor via any standard web browser

  • Compatible with IP based STL systems (unidirectional or bidirectional)

  • Two AES3 audio inputs and one AES3 audio output

  • Field upgradeable via simple browser interface

  • Dedicated, Exporter to Exgine exciter, network processor

  • Small size and low power consumption

  • Compatible with the 802EX when the Exgine option is selected

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800EXP  Embedded Exporter