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802B FM Exciter  
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816R FM Transmitter


Continental's 802B FM Exciter is the radio industry standard, offering broadcasters the outstanding performance of digital sound quality, superb reliability and modular construction.

With a variable output from 5 to 50 Watts and the internal harmonic filter, the 802B may be used as a low power transmitter. The 802B is totally self-contained and all subassemblies are modular and accessible from the top of the exciter. All components have been selected to exceed the rated requirements for their application providing years of trouble free service.

The 802B Exciter will accept the composite baseband signal from any stereo generator and STL system or monaural audio and SCA program input.



  • Compact Chasis - Only 5.25 in. (13.34 cm) high
  • Frequency Agile - User can select any of 2200 channels from 87 to 109 MHz.
  • Auto Power Control - Output power is maintained at your selected level, both forward and reflected power are displayed on the front panel.
  • Display - Multiple colored LEDs provide easy viewing of all parameters under high ambient light.
  • Slide Mounted - The chasis is slide mounted for ease of maintenance.
  • Linearity - Measurement of the modulation distortion and noise indicates performance that approaches that of the most sophisticated digital audio.
  • Remote Control and Metering - All metering functions on the front panel may be metered remotely.


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802B FM Exciter