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811HD/812HD Solid-State FM Transmitters  
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816R FM Transmitter

816R FM Transmitter

811 HD


Continental Electronics is proud to offer its 811HD and 812HD IBOC transmitters. Each is a cabinet-mounted, low-power, HD-only linear transmitter that can also function in analog only or hybrid (low-level) combined mode.

When ordered as HD systems each transmitter includes a Continental 800Exp Embedded Exporter and 802Ex Digital FM/HD Exciter. Additional options include a Continental 800I importer for multicasting and secondary program services.

The 811HD and 812HD provide up to 250W and 500W, respectively, of pure linear HD power for separate, special combined antenna systems, or for use in common antenna systems. For analog only and hybrid combined power levels please see the following chart.


Analog & HD Power Table

Transmitter Analog Only HD Only FM@1% HD FM@4% HD FM@10% HD
811HD 1000W 250W 750W 500W 350W
812HD 2000W 500W 1450W 1000W 700W
D812HD 4000W 1000W 2900W 2000W 1400W
Note: 1%HD = -20dBc (dB below carrier), 4% HD = -14dBc, 10% HD = -10dBc

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