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D816R High-Power Combined FM Transmitters  
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Continental's D816R Series Transmitters, ranging from 40 kW to 70 kW, are the most well known and admired transmitters in the industry. The basic design has been used for almost 30 years with a field proven track record of dependability. Choose from: D816R-2C (40 kW), D816R-3C (50 kW), D816R-4C (55 kW), D816R-6C (60 kW), and D816R-5C (70kW).

These combined transmitters use only one tube each, the final power amplifier tube. The IPA is solid state and requires no tuning. The exclusive "Soft-Start™" circuit and low voltage controls allow the transmitter to recycle and return to the exact previous operational status.

The D816R Series Transmitters are totally self-contained, including the harmonic filter. The 70 kW has two high voltage rectifiers and plate transformers located in two separate chassis. There are no controls, fuses, or circuit breakers on these cabinets. They may be located up to 100 feet away from the main cabinets if needed.

These combined transmitters may be set up in several configurations; single exciter to drive both transmitters, dual exciters, and dual exciters and automatic coaxial switcher/combiner for complete redundancy backup.

D816R Features:

  • Auto Power Control - Automatically adjusts the plate and screen voltages simultaneously so the transmitter stays tuned at all power levels.
  • Single Cabinet Design - (40 kW thru 60 kW) contains all power supplies, RF and control circuits, harmonic filter, and filament voltage regulator in a single cabinet. The 70 kW has an external power supply.
  • Solid State IPA - This IPA increases reliability and decreases maintenance and complexity, while increasing bandwidth. The entire IPA is mounted on slides for easy access.
  • VSWR Protection - One circuit handles severe instantaneous mismatches, such as lightning strikes. The second circuit limits the reflected power to a preset level by controlling the plate and screen voltage during icing conditions.
  • Positive Pressure Cabinet - The transmitter takes in filtered air from a duct in the top of the cabinet. By pressurizing the cabinet, it keeps dust from collecting inside the chassis.
  • World-Class Support - All Continental transmitters are backed by a two-year limited parts warranty and 24 hour parts and service support as long as you own the transmitter.



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D816R High-Power Combined FM Transmitters