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D816R Combined High Power FM Transmitters  
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Specifications-- D816R Combined High Power FM Transmitters


Operating Environment

Operating Altitude
7,500 ft. (2,286 m) standard
10,000 ft. (3,048 m) with high
altitude blower modification kit
Ambient Temperature Range
-4°F (-20°C) to +122° F (+30° C)
Relative Humidity
0 to 95%
Transmitter (each transmitter)
73” (185.5 cm) H,
72” (183 cm) W, 28” (71 cm) D
Weight (each transmitter)
1,962 lbs. (890 kg) Nominal
816R-7C External Supply
53” (135 cm) H,
35” (89 cm) W, 24” (61 cm) D
Weight (each transmitter)
901 lbs. (409 kg) Nominal
Power Source
200-250 VAC; 60Hz, 3 phase
available taps: 200, 210, 220,
230, 240, 250 VAC
50 Hz available
Permissible Voltage Variation
+/- 5% (each voltage
variation within 5% of
average of all 3 phases
Filament Regulator
+/- 1% of optimum

Standard Features

Easy Access (Serviceability)
Positive Pressure Cabinet
Soft Start™
Automatic Power Control
AC Power Recycle
VSWR Protection and Auto Fold Back
Output Surge Suppressor for instantaneous
  VSWR mismatches
Dual Redundant IPA Driver Modules
Reliable and Inexpensive Final Tube
Broadband Quarter-wave Cavity
Fully Self-contained Cabinet
Phase Loss Protection
Filament Voltage Regulation
816HDR transmitters easily field upgradable to

low-level combined HD
Positive pressure cabinet reduces impact of dust
  and other contaminants
Filtered air intake and PA exhaust located on
  cabinet top
2 year limited parts warranty
24/7/365 parts and field service
Rated Power Output
D816R-2C: 43kW
D816R-3C: 50kW
D816R-4C: 55kW
D816R-5C: 70kW
D816R-6C: 60kW
D816R-7C: 80kW
Power Consumption
D816R-2C: 66kW Nominal
D816R-3C: 80kW Nominal
D816R-4C: 84kW Nominal
D816R-5C: 118kW Nominal
D816R-6C: 92kW Nominal
D816R-7C: 122kW Nominal
Frequency Range
88 to 108 MHz
Output Impedance
50 Ohms
Output Connector
3-1/8” EIA Flange
2:1, maximum
RF Harmonic Attenuation
-80 dB, minimum
FM S/N Ratio (FM Noise)
75 dB Minimum
Asynchronous AM S/N Ratio (AM Noise)
55 dB below carrier;
Reference 100% modulation,
full power, with 75 microsecond
de-emphasis, no FM Modulation

Synchronous AM S/N Ratio
50 dB below carrier; reference
100% modulation, full power,
with 75 microsecond de-emphasis,
FM Modulation +/- 75 kHz
@ 400 Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion
0.08% Maximum; 20 Hz to 15 kHz
Intermodulation Distortion
<0.08%, 60 Hz/75 kHz, 4:1 Ratio



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