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816HD Series High Power FM Transmitters  
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816R FM Transmitter

Only Continental delivers the "most elegant" and highest power solutions for HD Radio broadcasting. 816HD systems use low-level combined FM+HD in a single transmitter for higher power levels than were previously possible from a single transmitter system.
816HD Family

The 816HD family of transmitters is based around three analog+HD power ranges. For TPO's from 10-20kW the standard 816HD-20 is the best solution, while the 816HD-25 would be more appropriate in applications with TPO's up to 25kW, and our liquid-cooled 816HD-28L fits applications with TPO's up to 30kW. Each of our 816HD systems can operate at higher than standard power levels for specific frequency and power ranges.

Single Transmitter Power Table
Transmitter FM@1% HD FM@4% HD FM@10% HD
816HD-20 20kW 18kW 12.6kW
816HD-25 25kW 23kW 17kW
816HD-28L 28kW 27kW 19kW
Note: 1%HD = -20dBc (dB below carrier), 4% HD = -14dBc, 10% HD = -10dBc

Comtact your Continental salesperson to learn more about how Continental can halp you move up to HD Radio.

816R-HDR (HD Ready)
Continental now offers an HD-Ready analog transmitter that incorporates practically all of the internal changes required for analog+HD operation, but in an analog only FM transmitter. While the initial cost is higher than a standard 816R transmitter, the purchase of the Exgen enabled 802Ex digital FM exciter and HDexp Embedded Exporter are deferred until you decide it's time to move up to FM+HD, allowing you to step up to HD on your timetable.

The Most Elegant Solutions

Continental's 816HD solutions eliminate the requirement for: a second HD transmitter, lossy combiner systems, second antenna, tower crews, etc. required for most other proposed HD systems. Contact your Continental sales representative for more information on the most elegant FM+HD system for your station.

816HD Features:

  • Forward Looking Adaptive Precorrection
  • Solid State IPA
  • SCR "Soft-StartTM"
  • Automatic Power Output Control
  • Broadband Quarter Wave Cavity
  • Automatic Filament Voltage Regulation
  • Grounded screen grid circuit using screen neutralization
  • Automatic Power Interrupt Recycle
  • Two Independent VSWR Protection Circuits
  • Positive Pressure Cabinet
  • World-Class Support



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816HD Series High Power FM Transmitters