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816R Series High Power FM Transmitters  
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816R FM Transmitter

Continental's 816R Series Transmitters range from 11 kW to 40 kW nominal output power and are the best known and admired transmitters in the industry. While the basic 3-bay design has been in place for more than 30 years, providing a field proven track record of dependability, Continental continues to update our designs to reflect current technology and increase reliability. Choose from: 816R-2C (11 kW to 21.5 kW), 816R-3C (25 kW), 816R-4C (27.5 kW), 816R-5C (35 kW), 816R-6C (30 kW) and 816R-7C (40kW).

816 series transmitters employ a single tube design using either a 4CX15000A or 4CX20000E or 4CX25000C final power amplifier tube. Our dual module IPAs are of our own broadband solid state design, require no tuning and offer built in redundancy. Our exclusive "Soft-Start™" circuit brings the transmitter gradually to full output power while low voltage controls allow the transmitter to recycle and return to previous operational parameters.

816R Series Transmitters, from 11 kW through 35 kW are totally self-contained, including the harmonic filter. The 40 kW transmitter has its high voltage rectifiers and plate transformer located in a separate chassis and utilizes a high-power external harmonic filter. There are no controls, fuses or circuit breakers on the externals cabinet, which may be located up to 100 feet away from the main cabinet, if needed.

816R-HDR (HD Ready)
Continental now offers an HD-Ready analog transmitter that incorporates practically all of the internal changes required for analog+HD operation, but in an analog only FM transmitter. While the initial cost is higher than a standard 816R transmitter, the purchase of the Exgen enabled 802Ex digital FM exciter and HDexp Embedded Exporter are deferred until you decide it's time to move up to FM+HD, allowing you to step up to HD on your timetable.

816R Features:

  • Solid State
  • SCR "Soft-Start™"
  • Automatic Power Output Control
  • Broadband Quarter Wave Cavity
  • Automatic Filament Voltage Regulation
  • Grounded screen grid circuit using screen neutralization
  • Automatic Power Interrupt Recycle
  • Two Independent VSWR Protection Circuits
  • Positive Pressure Cabinet
  • World-Class Support



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816R Series High Power FM Transmitters