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Dual Module IPA Upgrade Kit (816R)  
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SS Driver Upgrade


This kit includes electrical and mechanical parts to convert a Continental 816R transmitter from 700W IPA to dual 400W IPA.


  • PROVIDES PARALLEL DUAL REDUNDANCY - If a module should fail in the IPA you are still on the air.
  • SIGNIFICANT AM NOISE IMPROVEMENT - Using the dual modules, you can measure improvements in both synchronous and non-synchronous AM noise.
  • ELIMINATES COLD START PROBLEMS - Using two modules combined isolates the IPA from the PA Grid at warm up.
  • COST EFFECTIVENESS - Greatly reduces the cost of repairs in the unlikely event of module failure.
  • MODULES ARE FIELD REPAIRABLE - Modules can be repaired in the field using common parts.
  • IMPROVED STEREO AND SCA PERFORMANCE - Better bandwidth, and AM noise performance improves FM stereo and SCA performance.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Customer can install the IPA upgrade kit. Kit includes full installation and operation instructions.


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Dual Module IPA Upgrade Kit (816R )