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  Full Spectrum of LF and VLF Custom Products
Throughout it's history Continental Electronics has been the premier provider of custom solution to support our military and security needs. From VLF submarine communications to LF timing stations to HF over-the-horizon and surface-wave radar and other customized design-to-spec applications for commercial and government uses alike, only Continental has the engineering talent and expertise to deliver high-power RF solutions.

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Learn how Continental has been an innovative force in the development of complex RF communications systems designed to serve and supporrt US interests.


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Our salesmen are all knowledgeable and experienced engineers and technicians that are prepared to help you make the best informed buying decisions possible.


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Continental has 24/7/365 parts and product support. You can always reach a Continental professional. You can even place critical parts orders on-line.




LF / VLF Product Profile

    For more than 50 years, Continental Electronics has continued to advance VLF transmission technology and is now offering next generation solutions increase bandwidth, reduce operating costs, and improve reliability. These are some key features of our LF/VLF:

  1. Digital signal processing (DSP) combined with modern solid-state technology to achieve transmitter power levels up to 2,000kW.

  2. Power amplifier modules utilize rugged MOSFET devices with on-board real time monitoring and protection that alerts the control system to any fault condition.

  3. Typical systems employ 10% headroom in the number of power amplifier modules.  By employing headroom in the modules, multiple faults can occur and the system will remain at full power increasing availability.

  4. Advanced solid state design improves overall operating efficiency to approximately 80%.  This is a significant improvement over tube amplifier systems that have an efficiency of approximately 60%.

  5. High efficiency operation allows the systems to be cooled by air simplifying maintenance.

  6. Each power amplifier module weighs approximately 1.5 kg and can be easily removed. Should repairs be needed, lightweight amplifier modules are compact and can easily be packaged and shipped back to Continental's factory.

  7. Continental's patented DSP technology significantly increases transmission bandwidth for increasing the number of MSK channels used for submarine communication.

  8. Continental Electronics transmitters can be fully monitored and controlled from virtually any remote location via a powerful user-friendly graphical user interface.

  9. Recently developed and patented DSP technology improves the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) of the transmission by orders of magnitude over legacy systems.  This improves reception and the coverage area of the transmission without increasing the transmitted power.

    Continental LF systems are fully compatible with PNT , Loran-C and enhanced Loran (eLoran). Continental also offers customized design-to-spec systems for commercial and government applications. With a world-class Customer Support Organization for technical support and replacement, Continental Electronics maintains a continuity of VLF experience unequaled by anyone in the world.


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