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Dallas, Texas based Continental Electronics Corporation is a premier world-class manufacturer of radio frequency (RF) broadcast transmission and industrial equipment. We specialize in the custom design, development and manufacture of leading-edge digital and analog high-power RF systems for a global customer base. If you need a high-power RF solution, Continental can provide it.
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Continental product Categories

Dallas, Texas-based Continental Electronics Corporation is the premier manufacturer of radio frequency (RF) broadcast transmission equipment. We specialize in the design, development and manufacture of leading-edge digital and analog transmitter systems for the global market.

FM Broadcast
Continental offers a full range of high-power single tube FM and HD Radio broadcast equipment. Standard FM systems include transmitters from 11kW to 80kW, our industry proven 802B exciter and our new 802E digital exciter, which is upgradable to HD with the addition of our Exgen card and iBiquity software.

Our HD products include our 800I Importer, for secondary program services, our 800Exp Embedded Exporter, for main channel HD, and our 802Ex digital FM/HD exciter, the winner of a 2010 Radio Magazine "Cool Stuff" award. Our HD transmitters extend from ~9kW analog power to 56kW depending on HD power desired and transmitter configuration. An analog and HD power chart can be found on the 816HD and D816HD features pages.

Our shortwave transmitters and support products have facilitated broadcast radio communications around the globe for over 60 countries and are the most reliable in the world. Our transmitters range in power from 100kW to 2000kW, cover all shortwave frequency bands, and are available in standard shortwave as well as with the latest DRM technology for multi-channel digital broadcasting. Continentals' state-of-the-art solid state modulators range from 100kW to 2000kW and are the most efficient in the industry. Continental also offers full turnkey station design and build-out, providing state-of-the-art facilities for our customers.

Our custom products have been used for high-profile science and industry applications including particle accelerators, fusion research, industrial heating and mapping the surface of the moon. Our unique ability to develop high quality one-off and low quantity products sets us apart from other manufacturers. Continentals' greatest strength is its ability to think outside the box while applying the latest technology inside the box. This strength is a large part of the reason that Continental was chosen to develop the High Frequency Active Aural Research Program (HAARP) transmitters as well as the development of a prototype Deep Space Network transmitter for JPL and NASA.

Continental designs and manufactures unique LF and VLF products for defense communications and radar. Just one example of our capabilities is the Navy's worldwide VLF submarine communications sites originally installed and recently upgraded by Continental. Our LF and VLF systems are another example of Continentals' ability to deliver uniquely designed products for special applications.

TV Transmitter
By being the first television transmitter supplier toprovide leading edge broadband GaN transistor technology, the CTX Series achieves a smallfootprint and higher efficiencies, while keeping theconvenience of being completely broadband (Wideband). CTX Series transmitters are available in either air cooled or liquid cooled versions.

Service After Sale Practices
Continental Electronics Corporation’s Broadcast Transmitters are arguably the most reliable in industry.  Many of our transmitters have been operating for decades and in countries all over the world. Hot lines are available for Parts Services and for Engineering Support, and are staffed by fully qualified technical specialists.  In most cases, our technical specialists can assist the customer in troubleshooting a problem immediately over the phone. 

Continental works with multiple sources for the majority of purchased components.  Spare parts or equivalent items are guaranteed to be available for a period of at least 10 years following the sale, and typically are available for a much longer period, as many Continental's Transmitters have been operating dependably for well over 20 years. 


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