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  FM Broadcast Sales Support
Our sales team has years of broadcast ndustry experince and can knowledgeably discuss your broadcast requirements. Contact our sales team to begin talking about your specific objectives and learn how we can deliver the best solution for your needs.
  Technical Service
Already a customer and need to speak with one of our customer support professionals? We'll be happy to answer questions, provide guidence or get you whatever help you need.
Information Support
Visit our technical support page to get the answers and information. You'll find frequently asked questions and a knowledge base including white papers and technical support videos.
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FM Broadcast Sales Support

§ High-level spin on how CEC is ready to help customers by providing project-specific RF solutions… category specific
§ On FM Broadcast page, Map of US with color coded regions and list of sales rep for each region
§ Full contact info for each sales rep
§ Photos of sales support personnel for appropriate page

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