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  Full Spectrum of RF Products for Science and Industry
Continental Electronics is the world's leading manufactures of high power, high frequency RF solutions for science and industrial applications. We develop custom solutions to meet the unique needs of civilian and government entities on a global basis. Our products are the best in the world, and our clients are our highest priority.

Case Histories
Learn how Continental has been an leader in the development of unique RF solutions for some of the word's most innovative scientific and industrial applications.


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Our sales people are knowledgeable and experienced engineers that can help you make the best informed buying decisions.


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Continental has 24/7/365 parts and product support. You can always reach a Continental professional. You can even place critical parts orders on-line.




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Scientific & Industrial Applications

Continental Electronics' RF products for science and industry include transmitters and high voltage power supplies. These are utilized in such diverse applications as particle accelerators, plasma physics research, oil recovery, medical research, and ceramic sintering.

Continental science and industrial products reflect our company's most significant core strength, the ability to develop "one-off" unique solutions for specific applications. The solutions shown in our Case Histories page reflect the successful application of Continentals expertise in systems development.

With an installed base that includes major High-Power RF installations at many US National Laboratories, Continental Electronics has served our customers with the finest in High-Power RF Amplifier and HV Power Supply Systems for more than 60 years.