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  High-Voltage Power Supplies for Science and Industry
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High-Voltage Power Supplies for Science and Industry

An example of Continentals' cabilities in designing and manufacturing High-Voltage Power Supplies (HVPS) is the 100 kV Supply designed and manufactured by Continental Electronics for Brookhavel National Laboratories.  The HVPS is integrated with a 1 MW CW klystron transmitter operating at 704 MHz.  The equipment is part of an ERL (Energy Recovery Linear accelerator) experiment to be conducted at BNL for several years.  The ERL was installed as an improvement to the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) facility.  The HVPS is based on Continental Electronics’ Crowbar-less IGBT High-Voltage Switching supply design and provides up to 100 kV at a full-load current of 21 A for the 1 MW klystron Transmitter.  No crowbar circuit is needed because the solid state switching approach leaves little stored energy to be dissipated during a shut-down. 

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