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RF Source

RF Sources for Science and Industry

HF communications transmitters; over‑the-horizon (OTH) HF radar transmitters; and large-scale RF amplifiers for many scientific and industrial applications in HF, VHF, microwave and even millimeter wave bands are just a sample of the types of cusyom RF systems we are capable of providing. With experience in essentially every segment of the electromagnetic RF spectrum Continental can provide reliable RF systems not available from other suppliers.

Continental is pleased to offer total integrated system design, engineering, manufacturing, and field commissioning.  Many of our customers rely on Continental to satisfy all of their High-Power RF needs.


NASA/JPL Project
Continental was recently awarded this project which illustrates Continental Electronics' unique ability to support innovative government and private sector uses of radio frequency technology to accomplish history's most imaginative tasks. Continental has been awarded a subcontract from the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to design, manufacture, test, and integrate a prototype transmitter subsystem for NASA’s Deep Space Network (DSN). The new microwave transmitter will be four times as powerful as the existing DSN transmitters

Click here to read more about this exciting new project.


Other examples of Continental’s equipment supplied to the scientific and industrial community are described in the case histories page of this section. 


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