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We've been pioneering new uses for RF since there was RF! Our history reads like the crossroads of science-fiction and reality. Learn more here about who we are and how over the last 70 years we've led the way in new, innovative RF applications.
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From announcements of new break-through government projects to kudos from the scientific world, to new FM and Shortwave achievements and notice of what industry events we'll be attending... find it all here.
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We offer a full range of FM, HD and NOAA weather radio broadcast equipment for FM broadcasters around the world.
Our shortwave transmitters and support products are the heart of global radio communications, providing local, regional and intercontinental service across 6 continents.
Our custom products have been used for high-profile science and industry applications including particle accelerators, fusion research, industrial heating and NASA deep space communications.
Our LF/VLF systems provide solutions for timing stations, coded and over-the-horizon communications, and other military uses.



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  FM Broadcast
      816HD Transmitters - Features / Specifications
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      802ExFM HD Exciter - Features / Specifications
      800Eexp Embedded Exporter
      800i HD Importer
      Elevated HD Power Upgrades
      816R Transmitters - Features / Specifications
      D816R Dual Transmitters - Features / Specifications
      802B Analog FM Exciter - Features / Specifications
      802E Digtal FM Exciter - Features / Specifications
      Tube to SS IPA Upgrade
      Dual Module IPA Upgrade
      377 Series Switching Units
    418 DRM HF Transmitter - Features / Specifications
    419G / 420C DRM Transmitters - Features / Specifications
    SSM Series High-Efficiency Solid State Modulators - Features / Specifications
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