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  Full Spectrum of High-Power Shortwave Products
Continental Electronics is one of the world's leading manufacturers of Short Wave and DRM systems, which are deployed on 6 continents. DRM delivers multiple program services, including audio, video, and data. Our products are the best in the world, and our clients are our highest priority.
  Case Histories
Learn how Continental has been an innovative force in the development of the industry from the earliest high-power short wave to today's DRM.
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Our salesmen are all knowledgeable and experienced engineers and technicians that are prepared to help you make the best informed buying decisions possible.
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Continental has 24/7/365 parts and product support. You can always reach a Continental professional. You can even place critical parts orders on-line.




High-Power Shortwave

The Continental Electronics™ shortwave line is known for being the most reliable in the world. Its transmitters range from 100kW to 2000kW and cover all frequency bands. The Continental Electronics™ state-of-the-art, solid state modulators range from 100kW to 2000kW. CEC offers full turnkey station design and build-out, creating state-of-the-art facilities for its customers.

Customers for CEC's shortwave products include:

  • National Radio Communications Co. (SNR), Romania
  • KNLS, World Christian Broadcasting
  • Voice of America / IBB
  • Radio Free Europe
  • Radio Free Asia
  • BBC
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), Birmingham , AL
  • World Wide Christian Radio (WWCR), Nashville , TN
  • Far East Broadcasting Company
  • Many other religious broadcasting organizations worldwide
  • Many foreign governments



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