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418G-DRM 100 kW Shortwave Broadcast Transmitter  
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The Continental Type 418G-DRM 100 kW Shortwave Broadcast Transmitter has been designed and developed to provide high performance, optimum efficiency, and long-term reliability in the shortwave broadcast bands.  The transmitter can be operated in standard amplitude modulation (AM) mode, AM with Controlled Carrier-level Modulation (CCM), or digital streaming in the DRM mode (when used with the optional DRM Encoder/ Exciter). The CEC 418G-DRM transmitter is a field tested and proven DRM transmitter system.

The Type 418G-DRM 100 kW Transmitter is the direct descendent of a long and successful line of Continental 100 kW broadcast transmitters. The 418G-DRM employs the highly refined and reliable RF sections of its predecessors. The RF amplifier tube of the 418G-DRM is the 4CV100,000C tetrode, which is one of the longest life high-power tubes available.


  • Selection of up to 280 preset frequency channels achieved within 30 seconds between any two frequencies

  • Standard Frequency Range 3.2-22 MHz with options of 3.9-26.1 MHz and 2.3-16 MHz

  • New Computer-Assisted Touch Screen Control System, as well as front panel button operation

  • TCP/IP Based Remote Control System allows unattended operation, with complete control from off-site with no modification

  • 70 – 74 % overall efficiency on average

  • DRM Operation with standard optional DRM Encoder/ Exciter, plus all AM/PM Modes

  • High-Efficiency Solid State Modulator and HV Power Supplies offer low-stored energy protection without crowbar

  • Exclusive CCM (Controlled-Carrier level Modulation) allows carrier reduction from 0-6 dB in 1 dB steps

  • Self-Contained Water System for Primary Loop Cooling to external heat exchanger or facility water

  • Dual Fan, Epoxy Coated, External Heat Exchanger with Coated Coils for Corrosion Resistance

  • High-Speed Arc Sensors In All Critical RF Component Areas

  • Both PA and Driver Tubes and Vacuum Capacitors available from alternate sources


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418G-DRM 100 kW Shortwave Broadcast Transmitter