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419G/420C 300/500kW Shortwave Broadcast Transmitters  
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419/420 Transmitter

The Continental Electronics Type 419G/420C Transmitters are versatile, state-of-the-art, high efficiency 300 kW / 500 kW shortwave transmitters capable of being operated in standard amplitude modulation, controlled carrier-level modulation or single side band service. The 419G and 420C are essentially the same transmitter with the principal differences being in the type of final output tube, rating of some vacuum capacitors, power rating of the high voltage transformers, and input power switch gear.

From a central master control panel or from a remote computer control and monitoring station, either of these transmitters may be set up and either pretuned or automatically tuned to deliver full carrier power at any frequency between 3.90 and 26.1 MHz. If desired, they may also be manually tuned using controls and indicators located on the central master control panel.

The Continental Electronics Type 419G/420C Transmitters described herein employ some of the most technologically advanced components available today. From the highly efficient modulator using the latest insulated-gate bi-polar transistors, to the final power amplifier that uses the most modern tetrodes, components and circuitry have been selected to provide optimum performance and reliability.

Both transmitters include all required switch gear, power supplies, protective circuits, amplifiers, controls, as well as cooling and peripheral equipment. They are compact in design yet easy to service and maintain. Particular care in the design has been given to operational reliability and efficiency, resulting in transmitters capable of providing high quality broadcast service with minimum maintenance and down time.

Typical Installation
Shortwave System Layout



High efficiency tetrode RF power amplifier using tubes available from several sources.
High efficiency Solid State Modulator using insulated-gate bi-polar transistors.
Overall transmitter efficiency in excess of 73% under all conditions of RF frequency and modulation depth.
Full remote control and monitoring capability via RS-232 or RS-422 data link.
RF output frequency range of 3.95 to 26.1 MHz.
Controlled Carrier-level Modulation (CCM) for reduced power consumption.
Built-in capability for optional single side band (SSB) operation.
Exceptional audio signal quality.


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