CEC has played a singularly important role furthering the science and broadening the application of RF technology. We have envisioned and manufactured many of the world’s most innovative RF solutions for scientific, industrial, government, military and broadcast objectives on six continents.

Founded in 1946, Dallas-based Continental Electronics Corporation (CEC) is the premier manufacturer and supplier of advanced radio frequency (RF) broadcast transmission equipment. CEC is the world’s most experienced designer and builder of the highest power radio broadcast equipment, providing a full range of products for broadcasting, military and scientific applications.
The company’s systems span the frequency range from kilohertz to gigahertz, at power levels from watts to megawatts. That means that CEC has the resources necessary to meet the demands of a growing global market.
Backed by its parent company, Dallas-based Lone Star CRA, CEC is positioned to provide its customers in the commercial, defense, government and scientific industries the most reliable high power radio products and the most responsive customer service available anywhere in the world.
CEC believes the digital future of broadcast extends far beyond the ability to transmit high quality audio and video signals. Our products allow broadcasters to utilize the bandwidth generated by digital technology such as DRM, HD Radio and GaN Transistor technology to develop advanced broadcast-based applications. These advancements will enable CEC’s customers to expand their product offerings into new market segments
Lone Star CRA Fund LP has a keen understanding of CEC’s core business, and a deep faith in CEC’s current and future business plans. Lone Star CRA Fund LP is very excited and supportive of CEC’s current and planned IR&D efforts and business projections for both domestic and international efforts. CEC will continue to focus on growth by developing new products as well as keeping its leadership role in domestic and world markets.