CEC provides Toshiba uninterrupted power supplies to help ensure continuous performance for all RF solutions. When included as part of a total CEC solution package, CEC provides installation and ongoing support of all components. Or, customers may choose to purchase directly from Toshiba the uninterrupted power supplies product that meets CEC’s performance specifications.

Single-phase UPS models range from 1 to 22 kVA, while three-phase single module systems range from 13.5 to 2,000 kW, and three-phase parallel module systems are available in 90 to 16,000 kW. These systems are suitable for a wide range of applications including datacenters, telecommunication, retail, healthcare, broadcasting, and industrial.

Click on a product to link to Toshiba’s website to view more detailed information on each of their uninterrupted power supplies.

Single Phase

T1000 Series UPS 1-6kVA

  • 0.9 Power Factor
  • Rack-mount, fixed, or on side rails
  • Rear access for easy connections
  • Modularized internal construction
  • Handles integrated into front bezel design
  • Front access USB port
  • Compatible with RemotEye 4 for monitoring and security

1000/1000+ Series 1-3kVA

  • Auto-Restart and Cold Start
  • Programmable Load Shed Receptacle
  • Intelligent Charger with Rapid Charge in only 4.0 hours to 90%
  • Wide Input Voltage Window
  • Wide Input Freq Window for Comp Generator Compatibility
  • Input Power Factor > 0.97
  • Output Power Factor 0.70 (0.8 pf for 2.4 kVA)
  • LCD Display in Multiple Languages
  • Optional Network Interface Card – RemotEye® II
  • Optional Environmental Monitoring Device

1600XP/XPi Series 3.6 to 22 kVA

  • Digital LCD Touchscreen Display
  • Easy Hot-Swappable on Wheels
  • Hot-Swappable Batteries
  • Internal Isolation Transformer
  • Wide Input Voltage Window
  • Wide Input Frequency Window
  • Input Power Factor > 0.95
  • Output Power Factor 0.85
  • Optional Network Interface Card for Remote Monitoring/Control
  • Optional External Battery Cabinets
  • Optional Environmental Monitoring Device

Three Phase

4400 Series 15-100 KVA

  • 0.9 Power Factor
  • High Efficiency
  • Small Footprint
  • Easily Installed

G9000 Series 100-1000kVA

  • Available in capacities of 100, 160, 225, 300, 500, 750, and 1000kVA
  • Designed for stand-alone or parallel use in up to eight-unit configurations; no switchgear cabinet.
  • Double-conversion topology provides an AC/DC/AC efficiency of up to 97% at loads from 50% to 100%
  • 10% to 20% better than current industry systems
  • New IGBT technology in the rectifier/converter, DC/DC chopper, and the inverter sections
  • Excellent for N+1 parallel systems where loads are typically 30-40%

G2020 Series SiC 500 – 750 kVA

  • Breakthrough silicon carbide (SiC) technology for improved performance
  • Unprecedented 98% efficiency over a load range of 30-75%
  • Optional Toshiba RemotEye® 4 multi-protocol monitoring solution
  • Highly Efficient and Compact
  • Efficiency Profile Optimized for Partial Loading
  • Unity Output Power Factor

5000 Series Industrial UPS

  • Industrial rated components: transistors, contactors, and capacitors designed for 20-year lifespan
  • Two configurations: indoor three-phase in, single-phase out 3P1 Solution and outdoor NEMA 3R Solution
  • 3P1 Solution provides an integrated Maintenance Bypass Cabinet, mimic panel for touchscreen, and plant-style alarm indicators
  • NEMA 3R Solution ideal for harsh and dusty environments such as water/wastewater, mining, manufacturing, pipelines, and transportation hubs; can accommodate three-phase power input and three-phase power output and utilizes all-IGBT architecture