For more than 75 years, our core values have established a foundation that encourages and empowers our team to excel within the workplace, while seeking to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. As a team, Continental Electronics will continue to seek out long-term relationships with our customers and employees who take pride in these core values and strive to see Radio Frequency Technology create a positive impact in our world.

Our tradition is sustained by embracing core values that encourage us to meet and exceed the expectations of every Continental stakeholder. Continental empowers employees, and seeks long-term relationships with customers, that embrace these core values:

The well-being of our customers and employees is our highest priority
Core Value_Pride
Core Value_Quality
Create and promote standards of excellence across the organization
Consistency in actions that earn the respect and trust of others
Core Value_Integrity
Core Value_Teamwork
Diverse teams of dedicated professionals can achieve any goal
We leave a positive legacy by taking pride in our work and behavior