CEC creates a unique system solution for every VLF Transmitter since system requirements and the associated antenna design, are never identical. Based on the custom design, CEC engineers, with software tool support, select the right hardware from CEC’s vast library of transmitters, antenna tuning units and capacitors to build the design.

CEC creates unique VLF solutions for every application, creating matching networks of components.

Our engineers match Transmitters, Capacitors, Inductors, Dummy Loads and other components for delivered power and bandwidth over the operating frequency range.

From our vast library of system components, we tailor our approach to each site to create highly optimized, robust and efficient VLF systems.

Navy forces worldwide rely on CEC transmitters for communication with their submarine fleets.
  • Durable solid state FET H-bridge amplifier technology with on-board fault protection.
  • Power levels from 50kW to 2,000kW (Higher power levels upon request).
  • Frequency range from 10kHz to 500kHz, customized per customer specification.
  • Overall transmitter efficiency in excess of 80%.
  • Low RF switching losses
  • Ability to operate over very wide load angle ranges.
  • Ability to source and sink current to handle dynamic antenna characteristics.
  • Simple air-cooled technology.
  • Multiple power modules with active and passive reserve redundancy provide maximum reliability and availability.
  • DSP Technology applies adaptive digital pre-correction for any modulation type for improving transmitted SNR/MER for improved coverage.
  • Antenna tuning units for all types of VLF antennas.
  • Helix Coil provides bulk inductance for antenna tuning.
  • Variable inductors (Variometers) for tuning and matching.
  • Matching networks to match transmission impedances.
  • Power options from 50kW to 2 MW.
  • CEC monitors impedance and provides automatic tuning.

GAS-CAP Capacitors

  • Gas capacitors are widely used in high-power transmitters and induction heating equipment.
  • Fixed and variable models available with ratings up to 400 amps, at 1 MHz, capacitance up to 25,000 pF and peak voltage ratings to 85 kV.

OIL Capacitors

  • Used for higher voltage and current applications which cannot be supported with a Gas Cap solution.
  • Fixed and variable models available.
  • Standard models easily modified for special applications.
  • Graphical User Interface provides easy local or remote access.
  • Complete monitoring, control, and fault logging.
  • Inputs available for monitoring beyond the transmitter.
  • Easy visibility to all warnings and alerts.