CEC specializes in high-power transmitters for long range RF communication. Our high-power VLF Transmission systems are used primarily for global submarine communications, with more deployed systems than any other company, and our high-power X and S Band transmitters enable the Deep Space Network (DSN) to communicate with spacecraft at the farthest reaches of the solar system. CEC is a world-wide technology leader with the ability to provide customized high-power amplifiers with technology to enhance bandwidth, improve SNR and decrease unwanted noise.

VLF Communications

  • CEC has invested in more R&D for VLF systems over the past 50 years than any other supplier and has earned multiple patents.
  • CEC transmitters designed specifically for VLF transmission (these are not a re-purposed AM designs).
  • CEC matching and tuning solutions, provide increased bandwidth, higher efficiency, greater reliability under severe environmental conditions and improved signal quality – all leading to increased coverage area.
  • CEC’s VLF/LF systems based on field-tested technology.
  • Since 1960, CEC has had VLF/LF transmission systems operating in the field worldwide. No one has more knowledge and experience in fixed site, high-power VLF/LF than CEC.
  • CEC manufactures all key components for RF communication including the transmitter, the matching and tuning network, inductors, capacitors (both gas and oil), RF switches, loads and busses.
  • Products sold domestically are supported in Dallas TX, convenient to DFW and Love Field Airports. International products are typically supported by trained local CEC representatives, or in Dallas TX.
  • Power levels up to 2MW (Higher power levels available upon request).


X-Band/S-Band Communications

  • CEC is the sole supplier of communication transmitters for NASA’s Deep Space Network.
  • CEC transmitter solution started as a 2-year R&D project with JPL to develop a more sophisticated transmitter for deep space communications.
  • Utilizes various Klystron high power amplifiers.
  • Ultra low noise performance for reliable, very long distance communication.
  • Sophisticated monitoring and control systems for unattended site operation.
  • Power levels from 20kW to 100kW.

Navy forces worldwide rely on CEC transmitters for RF communication with their submarine fleets.
The Deep Space Network relies on CEC X-Band and S-Band transmitters for RF  communication with spacecraft on missions throughout our solar system and beyond.